When Your Headlights Go Out

Anticipating Your RoadAnticipating your baby is like driving down a country road at twilight. You take in the sights; the daffodils, the setting sun. You had plotted your course on a map, so you have an idea where you are going and people have told you basically what to expect. As you near an expected landmark, the sky darkens and night falls, as expected. You switch on the headlights and continue on following in their path.

Then the lights go out.

You cannot see the road ahead or the terrain around you. Your heart jumps.Your mind races. “Where are we going?! Why can’t I see?! I could run off the road; hit a tree or another car!” Your mind might even try to fill in the blank canvas before it.

Pull over and stop.

Use your other senses. Listen. Feel. Once you commit to the journey and the sun rises again, you will find that the road is much, much wider than you though and the flowers and the sunsets are exactly the same.

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